About 3 months ago our Bali-baby, Copenhagen Cartel, was born. It has been such a surreal journey seeing our vision come to life. We couldn't be more grateful for the warm welcome, the love and support we have received throughout these 3 months and we really just want to say: Thank You!

Besides a big Thankª You! we want to celebrate that we met so many like-minded Ocean-lovers along the way. Fellow Ocean-lovers who care deeply about our future, a cleaner ocean and who share exactly the same values as us.

Plastic pollution is killing marine life, polluting beaches and poisoning human diets and we need to get the message across and take action now: Keep our sea plastic-free!

With our Thank You! collection we want to wear, share and live our mission for a cleaner ocean – and you can do that too. Help us spread the message and show that you are an Ocean-lover who fights to keep our sea plastic-free.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.