OCN WEED® UNISEX T-SHIRT - Nero af Copenhagen Cartel
OCN WEED® UNISEX T-SHIRT - Nero af Copenhagen Cartel


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Size: XS
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✓ Contains innovative seaweed fibers
✓ Water-saving material
✓ Round neck
✓ Regular fit (recommend women go down a size)
✓ Free exchange, attached return label with all orders
✓ Can be picked up and tried on in store at Nikolaj Plads 26 in Copenhagen K
✓ All packaging is made from recycled material
+ 1 product sold = 1 baby sea turtle saved 🐢


Our OCN WEED® Unisex T-Shirt is created in a slightly oversized fit, and we recommend that women size down for a regular fit. That's why our OCN WEED® Unisex T-shirt is not just any t-shirt. This t-shirt challenges the norms, breaks with tradition and takes the lead in creating a climate-friendly alternative.

According to the WWF, the production of an average conventional cotton t-shirt requires up to 2700 liters of fresh water. But already more than 40 percent of the global population is affected by water scarcity, and the problem is only expected to grow larger in the future.

Unlike conventional cotton, seaweed is a naturally regenerating resource that grows abundantly in the ocean, meaning no fresh water is needed during the growing stage.

That is why we have developed a new material that we call OCN WEED®. The material consists, among other things, of an innovative seaweed fiber, which both saves water and is thus more future-proof compared to conventional cotton, which requires extreme amounts of water.

Wash & care

Our Penida swimsuit has quickly become a classic in the Copenhagen Cartel range. The sporty, feminine and stylish look, the round neckline, the high cut and perfect fit make Penida ideal for most occasions - swimming, long days at the beach and spa weekends. You can even use it as a bodystocking under a blazer.