We use GOTS certified organic cotton for our CC Casual collection. Organic cotton is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable fiber and is an environmentally friendly alternative to regular cotton. The toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals used to grow regular cotton have some of the highest toxicity levels known to humans and harm the planet's air, water, and soil. Organic cotton production relies on none of those chemicals and uses 88% less water than regular cotton, reducing the pressure on the planet's water supplies. GOTS is a global textile production certificate and is internationally recognized as the highest organic textile standard. It is also the toughest to achieve because it goes beyond verifying the organic farming process and includes every step of manufacturing. A product must contain at least 95% organic fibers, may not be treated with toxic bleaches, dyes, and other chemical inputs during the production process of textiles to obtain the GOTS certificate. Furthermore, it enforces strict social and environmental standards, treating both people and the planet with respect.