We use zero skin- or size editing in our photoshoots.

Diana, 35 yrs

"I grew up in Denmark, but have Greenlandic roots and have witnessed first hand what global warming does to the planet not to mention the ocean. The Ocean in particular have always been my go-to-place for some peace of mind.  I fully support brands like Copenhagen Cartel and their purpose. I believe that we have to think about the generations to come and leave them with the beautiful planet we all know and love. We need to start caring as much about the planet as we do about each other".

She is wearing Penida onepiece in color Beat in a size L. 

Our Ubud bottom is high-waisted with high-cut sides and a medium coverage. Designed with a double-lined high-quality fabric to help provide an optimal sculptured fit and an exclusive feel. Patricia is wearing our high-waisted Ubud bottom in color Sand and in color Nero in size S.

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Netra, 27 yrs

"For me sustainability means a lot of things, but it is no longer a secret that we are burning the planets ressources at a rate that is killing both it and us. And one of the best ways to take care of the resources of our planet is to reuse the products and materials we already have available to us. I buy most of my clothes and furniture second-hand".

Netra is wearing Uluwatu top in color Sand and size M & Batur bottom in color Sky and size XS.

Esther Sofie, 21 yrs

"In theory I'm drawn to the dream of ultimate sustainability, but in reality I find it difficult to fully comply, especially being young and studying. In the grand scheme of things, it is easy to lose hope or to think that you cannot make a difference. But I try not to buy from highstreet brands but go for great quality second-hand bargains instead. I also try to support brands that are sustainable because I think it is important to put your money where your values are".

Esther Sofie is wearing Sanur top in color Sky in size M & Lovina bottom in color Sand in size M.

Our Batur bottom is a classic bottom with ruched back and medium coverage that is flattering on all bodytypes. Designed with a double-lined high-quality fabric to help provide an optimal sculptured fit and an exclusive feel. Netra is wearing Batur bottom in color Sky in size XS.

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Patricia, 34 yrs

"In my every day life I focus a lot on sustainability because I think it's important to take care of the planet. The more people and brands are focusing on sustainability the better. And we must support brands and companies that are taking action and are being innovative in order to create a better future. I always shop locally and organic and I'm trying to eat vegetarian as much as possible".

Patricia is wearing Agung top in Leo print in size M & Ubud bottom in color Nero in size S.