Our Oceans are in trouble

Can you guess how many pieces of plastic that are currently floating around in our oceans? It is not a million. Not a billion. But OVER 5 TRILLION pieces of plastic! It is unimaginable but true. And it is not just floating around undisturbed; Plastic waste causes a severe threat to marine life. 

Ghost nets

Especially dumped fishing gear and abandoned fishing nets pose a severe danger. This is because dumped fishing nets - or ghost nets as they are called - are responsible for trapping and killing millions of marine animals including sharks, rays, bony fish, turtles, dolphins, whales, crustaceans, and birds every year. 

The deadly effects of ghost nets can be felt far from their point of origin. Most modern fishing nets are made of nylon or other plastic compounds, making them incredibly durable. Because of this, the nets drift around the oceans for years, carried by the currents and traveling vast distances where they catch and killmarine animals in a process called "ghost fishing" ultimately continuing the circle of devastation for decades.

To help remove these silent killers from the Oceans, we use old discarded fishing nets to create our CC Swim collection for both Women and Kids.

Copenhagen Cartel

Our philosophy is based on being environmentally friendly by being smart with the planets precious resources by closing the production-consumption loop and turning the problem into the solution. 

Create real change

At Copenhagen Cartel, we believe that being sustainable is being in balance with our surrounding environment; concerned with our impact on the naturalworld, our customers, our partners, and the wider community. It is just not the present we care about, but the impact our activities have in the years and decades to come. That is why we want to provide a selection of products that meets the needs of current generations without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet theirs. In other words, provide a higher standard and better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come. 

Our mission is to challenge the traditional ways of producing and consuming by implementing immediate solutions to alleviate some of the pressure our current way of life has on our planet’s climate. By offering a range of high quality, long-lasting products, that support the compelling story of changing something from waste to wear, we have created a holistic and sustainable brandthat puts the planet and people before profit. By doing this we make it easy for you as a consumer to put your money where your values and adopt sustainable patterns of consumption that creates real change. 

Every product in our Copenhagen Cartel assortment is contributing to the removal of plastic from the ocean

The Impact

Saving the ocean - one bikini at a time

Our swimwear and active wear are made of recycled ocean plastic – primarily dangerous ghost nets that float around the oceans, carried by the currents and killing thousands of marine animals in their path. By using the nylon the ghost nets are made from, our production process demands far less energy and resources than producing virgin nylon.

The use of ghost nets to create our swimwear and active wear has an even larger impact on the planet than you might think. It reduces the amount of plastic in our oceans. It saves our beautiful marinelife. And by using recycled ocean plastic, we spare the planets precious resources and minimize our overall carbon footprint.

Our Story

I might have discovered the problem in Bali, but travel anywhere around the world, and you will sadly discover that the issue of plastic pollution has affected every corner of our planet. 

How it all began

“Imagine Bali. A tropical paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is a beautifully sunny day, and I have decided to enjoy it by grabbing my surf board and ride the waves. I slip off my sandals and feel the warm sand beneath my feet as I walk towards the sea. As the sunshine hits the surface of the water, it bursts into a million fragments of sparkling diamonds as far as the eye can see. It is pure bliss.

But, as I paddle away from the beach, submerging my arms in the water, my fingers brush against something beneath the surface. I look down and there it is... plastic waste.

At that moment, I knew I had to do my part and contribute to the fight against ocean plastic.

After returning to Copenhagen, I met up with my best friend Brody, a creative soul with a unique sense of aesthetics. The idea was clear; To gather plastic waste from the ocean and turn it into beautiful and long-lasting swimwear. The journey of Copenhagen Cartel began that day, and a year later, we launched our first collection”.

- Katrine Lee Larsen, Founder