Our history and name


Imagine you are on a paradise island

It's a beautiful morning. The sun's rays dance on the water, and you grab your surfboard and paddle out into the waves. You soak up the impressions and enjoy life while you sit there, in the middle of the cool blue sea.

Then you feel something brush your leg under the water. You stick your arm down and expect to pull a piece of seaweed out of the water. Instead, it's a piece of plastic you sit between your fingers. You look down in amazement, and suddenly it dawns on you - you are surrounded by plastic.

It sounds dramatic. It is, and we really wish it was a scenario we just made up. Unfortunately, that's the horrible truth about the state our world's oceans are in right now.

This is how the idea of ​​the Copenhagen Cartel arose

Copenhagen Cartel's founder saw the enormous problem himself during a stay in Bali. Paradise Island is just one of hundreds of places around the world where you are literally swimming in a sea of ​​plastic.

The quantities and extent of plastic pollution are almost incomprehensible. But when we realized how many millions of tons of plastic are floating around the world's oceans and the threat they pose to all life, we knew we had to do something.

This is how the idea of ​​the Copenhagen Cartel arose. The idea was simple. We wanted to turn a problem into a solution. By using recycled plastic from the sea and turning it into beautiful, sustainable products with a timeless design, we could contribute to cleaning the oceans of plastic.

The essence of what we do

We challenge the traditional production and consumption patterns for clothes and textiles, and thus we ease some of the pressure that our current lifestyle has on the planet by recycling existing resources and using innovative fibers, materials and production methods. Most importantly, we help clear the world's oceans of plastic waste.

But Copenhagen Cartel is more than a clothing brand. We are a community of dedicated, courageous and passionate zealots. We lead the way and through new solutions, opportunities and ideas we inspire others to make a difference to the world's oceans together with us.

Why do we do it?

Why do we do it? Because we have a deep and heartfelt belief that people and the planet must be put before profit.

Copenhagen Cartel does indeed produce swimwear, sportswear and other products, but our purpose is to clear the oceans of plastic. No matter what we do - both as a brand and as people - that mission is always our ultimate goal, and we fight to keep our seas healthy for your sake, our sake and for future generations.

We don't rest, we take action and we never give up

That is the only way we can create real change.

Why are we called Copenhagen Cartel?

The idea for Copenhagen Cartel was born in Bali, but was brought to life in Copenhagen.

Danish design is about innovation, quality, functionality and enjoying the good things in life. So we thought, why not take the Copenhagen mentality and let it be the first thing people encounter – our name.

Then there's Cartel. For some, "cartel" has a negative meaning - for us, the word epitomizes everything we do.

The word "cartel" means a coalition or cooperation between different actors, which is created to promote a common interest. This is exactly what the Copenhagen Cartel does!

We are Copenhagen Cartel

Dedicated to saving the world's oceans, we focus on creating positive change alongside like-minded people who love the ocean as much as we do. That's why we surround ourselves with passionate and courageous people and brands who want to make a difference and create a better future – both for the planet and for us who live on it.