1 product sold = 1 baby sea turtle saved

Our impact


Our Office spirit animal is the turtle, we simply love this little creature. As a green startup, we have a burning desire to make a difference in the world. Therefore, from the very beginning, we have operated with 2 bottom lines. In addition to the traditional "black" bottom line, we have always had a "green" bottom line as well. Here we set goals for our green impact as a company, such as donations, garbage collected and clean-up facilitated.

Among other things, we donate to the Danish environmental organization Plastic Change and support Resea on their mission to collect and recycle disposable plastic bottles in Indonesia.

1 baby sea turtle saved

Save the turtles

At our monthly Monday office meeting, we decided that we also want to make a significant contribution to the conservation of the Sea Turtles. Especially because 6 of 7 sea turtle species are endangered, due to human activities.

In partnership with SEE Turtles, an independent non-profit organization, we contribute to the survival of sea turtles.

SEE Turtles protect endangered sea turtles around the world, among other things, they protect important turtle beach areas, to ensure that new baby sea turtles come into the world safely.

Thank you for your support

Get your diploma

When you buy a product from us, we will save, on behalf of you, a baby sea turtle. You will receive a diploma, along with your order confirmation.

For every Copenhagen Cartel sold, we support SEE Turtles non-profit program “Billion Baby Turtles” and you are contributing too. On behalf of the entire Copenhagen Cartel team, THANK YOU.

Plastic and discarded fishing nets are threatening the survival of sea turtles

Made from recycled ocean plastic