Save the

Human activities have threaten the very survival of the turtles.
Kids Collection

In collaboration with Bali based Turtle Conservation Center: TCEC SERANGAN we created our first kids-collection to support the conservation of the turtles in and around Bali.

TCEC SERANGAN was opened by the governor of Bali, Mr Dewa Beratha on 20th of January 2006. Since then they have been dedicated to eradicating illegal turtle trading on Bali and are focused on turtle conservation and rehabilitation by protecting turtles; e.g. by rescuing injured turtles, collecting nests from tourist beaches and keeping them in their hatching farm, to be released into freedom once strong enough.

We donate 10% of all sales from the “Save the Turtles” collection to support TCEC SERANGAN to support their honorable work to protect the turtles. 

Put your Money where your Values are

By now we are all mindful about the fact that one of the biggest challenges we face today in the quest for a healthy planet and bright future is the abundance of plastic waste in and around our oceans.

Human activities have threaten the very survival of the turtles. Nearly all species of sea turtle are classified as Endangered, and plastic is doing more than its share of damage. It is found in the stomachs of over half of the world’s sea turtles.

"With this collaboration we want to reduce the human footprint on our oceans even more and we are starting with the turtles"

- Katrine Lee Larsen, Founder Copenhagen Cartel