Stay Wild Ocean Child

Uluwatu top Leo

Our Leo-print is screenprinted for longest durability and quality. The color has warm undertones that looks great with tanned skin and can be mixed with other available colors. 

Seminyak top Nero

Go classic with our bestselling Seminyak top in the color Nero. Adjustable fit and sizing due to the front tie-knot detail. Mix it with our popular Leo print for a custom look. 

Be a rebel , be Wild, Child. Never settle, that's not your Style.

Limited Leo print

All our prints are made by hand-printing that's why all prints are limited edition. Go get our limited Leo print available now. 

The Seminyak top

Wether you go for a classic color or a bold leo-print, the Seminyak top is a bestseller because of it's classic adjustable fit that suits most bodytypes. Made from 100% recycled ocean-plastic. 

Dance with the waves, move with the Sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul Free.