Malene, 36 yrs

”I’m the founder of a beauty- and styling company, The Powder room, and I always prefer and seek sustainable alternatives. For our treatments I only choose organic and natural products. We only have sustainable products and packaging. And I even bought biodegradable dog bags. I know it’s not going to save the world but I believe it’s the small conscious acts we make in our everyday lives that pave the way for a more sustainable future for all of us".

Malene is wearing Sanur top in color Nero in size S and Canggu bottom in color Nero in size S.

Nana Kopae, 27 yrs

”I believe that being sustainable is a shared responsibility we all hold as human beings. We only have one planet, our home, and it holds finite resources. That’s why it’s important to be mindful in the way we consume because consumption is part of our lives - it is inevitable. By supporting business that supports your values we can make a difference and create a sustainable future for all of us. Not just for me or you but generations to come. I try to cut out all plastic bags because we all seen the horrible images of animals tangled up and I buy most of my clothes second-hand and also re-sell it again, believing that reusing and recycling is a great way to reduce the mass-production of clothes”.

Nana is wearing Sanur top in color Coral in size M and Lovina bottom in color Coral in size M.

Yasmin Kazemi, 28 yrs

”I’m born in Denmark by an Iranian mother and a Danish father but I grew up abroad and I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot throughout my life. It also means I’ve seen the world change. For example I’ve seen how the coral reef in South East Asia has been damaged and almost disappeared due to climate change and human activities. I’m no saint, I bought my fair share of fast fashion for years but I try to be more mindful in my everyday life by cutting down on meat and buying more sustainable, organic and most importantly being conscious about supporting brands that actually take responsibility. In my opinion coming together for the environment has the power to unite us – despite of different skin colors, different religions and different looks – we only have one home, planet Earth".

Yasmin is wearing Sanur top in color Nero in size XL and Ubud bottom in Leo print in size L.

Viktoria Guldbrandsen, 26 yrs

”I think my generation is the first to grow up with the consequences of climate change. For me it means that it is pretty natural thing, to be mindful, conscious and sustainable in almost everything I do. It also means that I sometimes feel really guilty if I forget to sort the trash. But I do what I can in order to integrate as many sustainable acts in my everyday life believing it is the little things that makes the difference. I almost never buy anything new, I always check if its available second-hand whether it’s a top or a blender I’m looking for. I always try to carry a totebag and if I forget, you’ll see me stacking all my groceries carrying it home. I refuse to buy a plastic bag”.

Viktoria is wearing a Gili onepiece in color Coral in size L.