Copenhagen Cartel x Thala Luna

Unisex collection

Valuable Waste

We have teamed up with sisters Therese and Julie from Thala Luna, who create unique and handmade products in tie-dye.

All products in the Copenhagen Cartel x Thala Lunar collection are made from 100%organic and recycled cotton. We use textile waste - a material otherwise regarded as valueless - and recycle it into premium quality products. We have chosen to use recycled cotton because it is the most used yet least recycled fabric, and because regular cotton takes an unbearable amount of water to grow.

We use a mix of two raw materials - mechanically recycled cotton cutting clips collected from factories and polyester from recycled PET bottles. No harmful chemicals are used in production.

Save water

By 2025 2/3 of the Worlds population may face water shortages. By using waste materials, to recycle back into premium quality products, we reduce the need for materials from virgin sources and therefore saving water. 

Each product is marked with a water-saving print to tell how much water the product has saved.

1 unisex sweatshirt saves 6200 liters of water

1 unisex t-shirt saves 2700liters of water 

1 kids t-shirt saves 1900liters of water