Together, for a plastic free ocean

CopenhagenCartel x Resea

We have teamed up with the Danish organization Resea to support the battle against plastic pollution in our oceans even further. 

The world has seen a steep rise in the inefficient management of plastic waste over the past few decades. This core problem is contributing to our growing plastic epidemic. The plastic burden on our planet is outgrowing its solutions at an exponential rate.

By supporting better waste management systems, we are ensuring that plastic collected from the ocean is recycled correctly. Together with Resea, we offer our customers a fully validated, transparent and trackable solution.

a fully validated, transparent and trackable solution

Plastic Positive Purchase

When purchasing from our CC Casual or CC Extra collection, on behalf of you we removing the equivalent of 10 single-use plastic water bottles from the ocean for every product sold - making your purchase Plastic Positive.

A single-use plastic water bottle

Plastic bottles are a single-use plastic, a product designed to be used only once and then discarded. A single-use plastic water bottle was manufactured, filled with water, and likely transported to a store, where it sat on a shelf waiting for a thirsty purchaser. Many of us drink out of plastic bottles several times during an average day, week, or month. That makes a whole lot of singe-use plastic water bottles.

And did you know it takes upt o 450 years to break down?

Track your collected plastic with a QR-code

verified process

Track your plastic

When purchasing one of our Plastic Positive products you will receive a QR-code that allows you to track exactly when, where and by whom the ocean plastic removed has been collected.