Our responsibility for the ocean

Guided by the belief that production and consumption should not come at the expense of the ocean, we take action to regenerate our oceans.

Clean up events

With our clean up events, we clean the ocean from ​​waste and we bring the challenges to the surface by making visible the very real problems that lie beneath the surface. At the same time, we create relationships and build bridges between people, companies, organizations and NGOs.

Save the sea turtles

Six out of seven of the world's sea turtle species are endangered due to human activities? At Copenhagen Cartel, we love sea turtles and therefore contribute to their conservation. For every product we sell, both B2C and B2B, we donate what it costs to SEE Turtle's project “Billion Baby Turtles” , to save a baby sea turtle.

Self-imposed sea tax

Through our self-imposed ocean tax, 1% FOR THE PLANET, we commit to giving 1% of our annual revenue to approved non-profit organizations that all actively contribute to preserving the world's oceans. 1% for the Planet is a global movement that fights for companies that profit from the planet's precious resources to also give back by contributing to the work to protect and preserve it.

World Goal 14

We work actively and purposefully with world goal number 14, life in the sea. It is our North Star and basis of existence, which guides us regardless of what we do - both as a brand and as people. We help identify the unknown resources the sea possesses and ensure responsible use of these. Our mission is to regenerate the sea and its resources - for your sake, our sake and for future generations.


We use our unique voices and positioning to collectively give back and regenerate the ocean.


From waste to value. Created from regenerated nylon cleaned up from the sea, as well as consumer & industrial textile waste.


We donate directly to Healthy Seas, SEE Turtles, Os Om Havet and Danmarks Naturfredningsforening