Guppyfriend Washing Bag – onesize


Guppyfriend Washing Bag – onesize

With each wash, countless plastic fibers from synthetic textiles are making their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans. Once in the environment, the microfibers concentrate pervasive bacteria and pollutants. They are consumed by aquatic organisms, which can result in gastrointestinal infections and blockages, reproductive problems, and starvation – problems that ultimately work their way up the food chain.

The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is a pragmatic solution to prevent microfibers from entering our rivers and oceans. Its soft surface results in less fiber breakage and thus extends your garments lifetime. The microfibers that break during washing are captured inside the bag. The bag itself does not lose any fibers.

How it works :

  1. Put synthetic textiles into the Guppyfriend Washing Bag.
  2. Close the washing bag and put it in the washing machine. Add other, non-synthetic, textiles and wash as usual.
  3. Take the textiles from the Guppyfriend Washing Bag while they’re still wet.
  4. Remove the collected fibres from the inside of the filter fabric by hand and dispose of them in the residual waste.
The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is entirely made of polyamide 6.6 and can be recycled with identical materials. Please remove the zipper before disposing of the bag.
  • Fill to about 2/3full - so that the textiles can easily move around in the bag
  • Add other (non-synthetic) garments or a second filled Guppyfriend Washing Bag - to avoid imbalance
  • Wash at 40°C maximum
  • Use liquid and natural detergents without synthetics
  • Remove coarse dirt and pet hair before washing
  • Slide the zipper into the „garage“ at the end of the zipper
  • Rinsing under running water - to prevent the collected microplastic fibres from being washed into the environment
  • Washing sharp-edged objects - to avoid damaging the material
  • Ironing - this can also damage the material (the crumpled surface is not a problem)
  • Use in the tumble dryer – collected fibres can get out of the bag
  • Hang/dry in direct sunlight - to avoid damaging the material

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