Mikkeller x Copenhagen Cartel - Limited - Women's sports shorts - Limited

Women's sports shorts
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Size: XS
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  • Made from recycled materials
  • Outer and inner shorts
  • Drawstring at the waist
  • Quick drying
  • Durable
  • Relaxed fit
  • We donate 1% of the turnover to the NGO Healthy Seas


Sweat responsibly in our Mikkeller x Copenhagen Cartel women's sports shorts.

The shorts are designed to be functional, with an outer and an inner shorts, this makes them comfortable for every squat, stretch and step you take. The outer material is woven with stretch and slits in the side to provide maximum freedom of movement. The inner material is fantastically soft and at the same time gives the feeling of a light compress, they are breathable and dry quickly. For the sake of coziness, we have placed the iconic Mikkeller illustration, Sally, peeking out from the inner shorts.

The limited edition Mikkeller x Copenhagen Cartel collection is extracted from recycled resources and spun into a high-quality, long-lasting material. We've created holistic and sustainable running shorts and t-shirts that put the planet and people before profit by using leftover materials that others consider trash. We know that there are many ways to protect and clean our ocean, and we are very aware that we cannot do it alone. Therefore, we focus on creating a community and cooperation with individuals, brands and NGOs. Together we seek to understand the complexity of the challenges we face and explore how we can challenge traditional ways of producing and consuming by being an active part of the solution rather than passively contributing to the problem.

Wash & care

Our Penida swimsuit has quickly become a classic in the Copenhagen Cartel range. The sporty, feminine and stylish look, the round neckline, the high cut and perfect fit make Penida ideal for most occasions - swimming, long days at the beach and spa weekends. You can even use it as a bodystocking under a blazer.