LIMITED: Cropped "making waves" OCN WEED® sweatshirt - Deep


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LIMITED: Cropped "making waves" OCN WEED® sweatshirt - Deep

OCN Weed OCN Weed
Organic Organic
Save the Turtles Save the Turtles
Water saving Water saving

When we launched our Making Waves cropped sweatshirt as a limited offline-only item, you guys went craycray and you shut down our DM in pure excitement. So we decided to put in an extra little order for all of you guys who didn’t make the last batch. Its a limited style and will not be restocked again. 

The Making Waves sweatshirt is made from OCN WEED®. The material contains innovative seaweed fibres that safeguard the future and save water - unlike conventional cotton, which requires extreme amounts of water when produced.  

This ensures that our OCN WEED® Making Waves Sweatshirt is not just any kind of sweatshirt. This cropped sweatshirt challenges the norm, breaks tradition, and paves the way for climate-friendly alternatives. 

The amazing thing about seaweed is that it is a natural and regenerative resource that already exists in abundance under the sea and needs nothing more than the water it already sits in. 
All this makes seaweed the optimal replacement for conventional cotton fibres, and it helps us save the planet's precious resource that the cotton industry uses in vast amounts - freshwater.

  • Contains innovative seaweed fibres
  • Saves water
  • Regular fit

+ 1 product sold = 1 baby sea turtle saved🐢

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