Women half-zip OCN WEED® sweatshirt - Deep




Women half-zip OCN WEED® sweatshirt - Deep

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OCN Weed OCN Weed
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Save the Turtles Save the Turtles

Our OCN WEED® Women Half-Zip Sweatshirt isn't just any kind of Sweatshirt. It's a Sweatshirt that challenges the norm, breaks tradition, and leads to climate-friendly alternatives. The sweatshirt comes in an oversized look, turtleneck (no pun intended) and a discrete crop that gives you that perfect 80's vibe.

Match our Women Zip Sweatshirt with our Power leggings or Energy leggings for a perfect look. 

Oversized look and discrete crop
✓Turtleneck, Waistband and zipper
✓Regular size fit
✓Contains innovative seaweed fibres
Saves water
All packaging is made from recycled material
✓Pre-washed: Won’t shrink when washed

+ 1 product sold = 1 baby sea turtle saved🐢

OCN WEED® contains innovative seaweed fibres that safeguard the future by saving water - unlike conventional cotton, which requires extreme amounts of water when produced. OCN WEED® contains 30 % seaweed fibres (SeaCell™) and 70 % organic cotton, where the seaweed fibres make the feel slightly softer than cotton. The product is pre-washed, meaning it won't shrink when washed.

Why seaweed? We’re glad you asked! Seaweed is a naturally regenerative resource that grows abundantly in our oceans, meaning no fresh water is needed during the growth stage. 

All this makes seaweed the optimal replacement for conventional cotton fibres, and it helps us save the planet's precious resource - freshwater - that the cotton industry uses in vast amounts. 

Water is our source of life, but water shortage already affects more than 40 percent of the world's population, and the problem is only expected to grow in the future. According to WWF, the production of an average conventional cotton t-shirt requires up to 2700 litres of freshwater. Unlike conventional cotton, seaweed is a natural and regenerative resource that already exists in abundance under the sea and needs nothing more than the water it already sits in.

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