Zero Waste totebag - Sand




Zero Waste totebag - Sand

Organic Organic
Recycle Recycle
Reduced CO2 Reduced CO2
Save the Turtles Save the Turtles
Water saving Water saving

"It's just one plastic bag," said 8 billion people. The Zero Waste Totebag is your everyday sidekick, perfect for carrying your groceries, gym clothes, laptop, or karma points. Fabric scraps and textile waste, materials otherwise deemed valueless, gets a new purpose as our tote bags because we believe that a waste isn't waste until we waste it.

Converting waste materials into new objects - it's like magic. And the magic continues because by using waste materials, we reduce; energy and water usage, air pollution, water pollution and help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Made from 100% fabric scraps and textile waste
Reduces air- and water pollution
Saves water and energy
Lowers greenhouse gas emissions
Big front statement print

1 Product Sold = 1 baby turtle rescued

Our Zero Waste totebags are made from 100% recycled textile waste. We use textile waste, an otherwise valueless material, to recycle it back into premium quality products. We have chosen to concentrate on recycled cotton since it’s the most used yet least recycled fabric and regular cotton demands an unbearable amount of water to grow. We use a mix of two raw materials – mechanically recycled cotton cutting clips collected from CMT factories and polyester from recycled PET bottles.

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