Our Oceans are in more trouble than ever before.
It is estimated that, annually, around 5-14 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean.
The oceans of the world are currently the unhappy home to a staggering amount of post-consumer plastic waste (and numbers are growing) and especially old discarded fishing/nylon nets the so-called Ghost-nets. Not only is nylon non-biodegradable and the manufacturing of virgin nylon is also a highly polluting, dirty process, but the Ghost-nets also traps, injures, and kills hundreds of thousands of sea animals and ruin the natural marine ecosystem.
If we don’t change the way we do things, and fast, we are on the track to cause irreversible damage to the ocean.
The oceans are what provide us with endless enjoyment and a sense of renewal so it is only appropriate that we care for them accordingly.
At Copenhagen Cartel we want to provide you with a better choice, by providing you with a range of high quality, long lasting products that tell the powerful story of the journey from waste to wear, closing the loop and turning a problem into a solution.
We believe that the fashion industry needs to change by producing better options that last longer and are environment-friendly. One of the best ways to take care of the resources of our planet is to use our products and materials again and again.
That is why all our swimwear is made of recycled ocean-plastic, mainly the dangerous Ghost-nets, helping to reduce the amount of global ocean-plastic to save its inhabitants and the people depending on it, and feeding it back into production cycles.
Copenhagen Cartel is an environmentally and ethically conscious swimwear line that combines timeless Scandinavian design with the sexy bohemian vibes of Bali.
Believing, that being responsible and sustainable doesn’t mean forgoing style, we set out to create swimwear that combines figure-flattering fashion and sustainable innovation.
But it´s not just swimwear. The seams lie flat against the skin. The quality is meticulous. The fit is hip-slimming, curve-hugging, bust-boosting, figure-flattering perfection. It is a cheeky celebration of your body, but the beauty of the perfect bikini doesn’t just come from its looks, it also comes from within. We want to beautify the beach in more than one way, so we are doing our part to lighten our environmental footprint – one bikini at a time.
We hope to provide you with a beautiful product while using sustainable business practices and without causing any harm or adding to the waste.
We want a better future for our oceans – what do you want?