Together with our suppliers and productions, we ensure responsible use of the sea and its resources, at the same time as we identify the unsuspected resources it possesses, thus we believe we can regenerate the sea and its resources - for your sake, our sake and for future generations.



Carvico supplies textiles that we use in our SWIM and ACTIVE collections. They are recognized in the industry, within research and development of innovative and environmentally friendly textiles. They are leading the way and putting green in the industry high. Their sustainability commitments include optimizing production processes to save as much as possible on precious resources, certifying the environmental results achieved through their work and research into new innovative textiles and their contribution to the social and economic development of local communities in Italy. Carvico takes responsibility, seeks to do better and wants to revolutionize the textile industry in order to keep up with the green development.



Aquafill supplies the recycled fiber ECONYL®, which is used, among other things, in our SWIM and ACTIVE collections. They collaborate directly with global environmental organisations, including Healthy Seas, with whom we also work directly. Through the development of the ECONYL® fiber, they want to show a new way of thinking, a way that unites the desire for innovation without it having to be at the expense of the environment and climate.



Limonta supplies textiles that we use in our SWIM collections. The company goes all the way back to 1893, which is why, with lots of experience in their luggage, they master their craft to perfection. They are known for investing in technological innovations that ensure constant sustainable growth. Especially the technology within the correct use of resources to reduce environmental impact, a lot has been invested in recent years. Limonta is therefore both a fantastic sparring partner, supplier and they share our values ​​of a greener future.

Kvinder iført badetøj fra Copenhagen Cartel


Emar is our sewing room, which produces our SWIM collections. Emar is a family-owned sewing studio that specializes in swimwear. A specialized team develops products starting with design, modeling, cutting, manufacturing. Today, the team is really committed to responsible production and environmental awareness, and the result is the new certifications such as GRS and RCS.